How to Use Customized Photo Crystal Keychain – Personalize It Any Way You Want

Crystal Keychains is the perfect promotional gifts for many different industries. Never go for a big sales presentation or an out-of-town trade show without your own customized box of crystal keychain gifts. People enjoy receiving gifts from companies they do business with and business professionals are no exception.

Crystal gifts are wonderful because they are eye-catching, sparkly, reflective, and unique. That is why they make great personalized gifts for your clients, customers, prospects, and other people. Here are some different ways you can give away your own customized crystal keychain:

Customized Business Gifts – When giving away your own custom crystal keychain, you want to make sure it is the right size, the right color, and the right material for the occasion. If you are trying to impress a new client, you can give him a large box of customized mugs, key chains, pens, notepads, fliers, etc. all designed with his business or personal logo on the front and the address on the back. A regular sized metal chain will work for this.

Personalized Photo Keyrings – This is a very popular option because it is personal. You can place any image you would like on the front of the personalized photo keyring. Make sure you get a photo that is free of red flash and glare. The key chain would then be a regular size metal chain with a photo on the front.

If you are giving a keychain to someone special instructions will be needed. If you are designing your own jewelry, you could put special instructions on the back of the jewelry box or necklace. For instance, if you are designing a jewelry box for someone with Parkinson’s disease, you can tell them to hold the photo in their pocket until it falls out. To get a more realistic photo of the Parkinson’s disease photo, use a 2D crystal photo scanner. These scanners have two panes of glass, one inside the other, with a light emitting diode (LED) in between them.

When the light hits the photo, it causes the LED to turn on. When it turns on, it flashes the photo. When the two people are standing in front of each other, the light will show two people with Parkinson’s disease in the photo. Use a two people with special instructions keyring and two people with regular sized crystal photo keyrings.

When you give someone a special instructions necklace or jewelry box, tell them that the photo is coming soon. Have the photo placed in a three dimensional crystal display box. Place a small box on top of the crystal photo. Put a clear sheet of photo plastic over the box to prevent dust from damaging the crystal. Put a very special box with two people with Parkinson’s disease in it, and use your laser engraved 3d photo crystal keychain as the box.

Use a hot glue gun or hot glue to embed the laser engraved 3d photo keychain into the box. Add a couple of drops of your favorite colored pencil. Rub the photo with the hot glue gun until the photo is covered completely with the engraving material. Hold the keychain in your hand and ask the lucky person to take it out of the box. Hold the box above the person and ask them to “wear” it on their front.

Ask them to hold the metal chain with two fingers. Lightly shine your customized 3d optical laser crystal keychain onto the metal chain. In just a few seconds the light will be absorbed by the chain, and by the person who holds it.

An interesting thing happens when the keychain is exposed to heat. The light becomes stronger. If the customized size is smaller, and the light is not strong enough to expose to the metal chain, the light will not be strong enough to be absorbed. The keychain will not work at all!

The key to using a personalized photo crystal keychain is to make sure the light shining on the photo crystal keychain is strong enough to be absorbed. If it is not, then there is no way to use the keychain! Have fun designing your own keychain, and see what happens!